inspiration lost

This is not going to be long post as basically I have not done much in the 2 month since I last wrote – exactly 2 months wow!

Paint out with Plein Air Austin at Georgetown, 23rd July 2016


A mixed media painting I struggled with for weeks and this the final result 11th August 2016


Paint out with new Round Rock Plein Group 26th August 2016


Paint out with the Plein Air Austin group in Georgetown last weekend 17th July 2016:


There is a paint out today in Austin but there is no way I am facing rush hour traffic plus my allergies have been really bad recently. However, apart from the allergies problem, which has plaguing me about 4 weeks now, I seem to have entered one of my depression periods where nothing interests me.

So I am glad we have these paint outs as I generally push myself to go along even I don’t feel that creative. I also try to find other ways to work my way through these periods as I recognise they are part of my life and they are not going away. This time I have rediscovered crocheting and I am currently on block 18 of a 63 block blanket. I am also still attending the lace making group even though I have not really laced for weeks,  as one of my issues is a total lack of social interaction. Nothing like being on your own 15 hrs of a day to feed this introspection/depression.

It might never get finished (I have tried it before and got to 9 squares) as I am also working getting out of this inaction. I am again trying mediation and I  am already feeling more positive.  I am also rereading  Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales and stories. Its a massive book! I don’t plan to actually depict any of the stories but when I was training as art therapist, I had a series of children’s story tapes which I used to get clients to describe by drawing or painting how the story affected them.I didn’t want a literal interpretation of the story.

I am also sort of working on a still life painting except I haven’t worked on it for a few weeks which probably indicates that I should reconsider or start over with a different set up.

Depression is a routine part of my life but I don’t want to be painting about it!  So hopefully the light begins to rise above the dark soon.


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  1. Chin up. I too am trying to stay upbeat with the operation to remove a kidney now scheduled for October in the middle of my show. I find painting is my escape hatch, as long as I am happy with what is resulting. Fortunately at the moment I am on a roll, but it is a much needed activity for me, and I find suspending judgement an essential to making progress. With judgement suspended, just doing I get a sense of achievement from finishing pieces and can often look back and say ‘ hey, that ain’t half bad…’. So go for it, keep your fingers busy, your mind will follow, and friends are only an email away…

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